Mike Rizzi

Vice President

Welcome to Truth Academy!

We are glad that you’re considering Truth Academy as your institution of choice in pursuing a deeper understanding of God, and in being better equipped to apply your faith in today’s culture.

Our courses are selected to give you the most comprehensive 2-year study in theological and apologetic subjects.  At Truth Academy, you’ll find instructors who are committed to teaching biblical theory and doctrine, as well as providing practical application of biblical principles – all to help you effectively apply what you’ve learned to real-life daily situations.

You’ll find the in-class dialogue and social media exchanges with instructors and fellow students enriching, and accessibility to answers and feedback unmatched.   At Truth Academy, our desire is for you not to just to grow intellectually, but in Christ-likeness as well.  That’s why discipleship and mentoring are a key focus for this program.

I’m confident that you’ll quickly appreciate the value of a theological and apologetics education from Truth Academy.

We are committed to developing and deploying leaders to defend the truth of God's word.

- Truth Academy

Ethics & Issues

Instructors: Joe Kelly, Director, Truth Academy; Pastor Michael Lantz, President, Truth Academy; Lenny Esposito, President, Come Reason Ministries; and others

This course will equip the student to think Biblically and morally about many of our culture’s most divisive issues. We will focus on, and address, sexual ethics and bioethics. The topics include homosexuality, transgenderism, genetic engineering, euthanasia, abortion, suicide, and the death penalty. We look forward to having you in class this fall.

Start Date:  October 2 - November 27 (no class November 20, for Thanksgiving)

Time:  Tuesdays, 7-9 pm


Science & Christianity Unpacked

Instructor: Lenny Esposito, President, Come Reason Ministries

What is the difference between science and scientism? What is Intelligent Design? Does science affirm a beginning to our universe? Is it possible to integrate my faith with science? What about the creation account in the book of Genesis? How old is the earth? These questions and others will all be addressed. We look forward to seeing you in class.

Start Date:  October 4 - November 29 (no class November 22, for Thanksgiving)

Time:  Thursdays, 7-9 pm